Discover 4 Types of Savory Laddoos From Indian Culinary Tradition

Discover 4 Types of Savory Laddoos From Indian Culinary Tradition

Laddoo owes its origin obviously to the Indian culinary culture. But, there’s something about this ball-shaped colorful and sweetened delights that could not resist any individual in any part of the world to gorge on to them. It is a type of omnipresent sweet dish that the households prepare any day, for any occasion, and sometimes without an occasion. On the other hand, businesses running sweet shops too maintain a separate rack stuffed with varieties of laddoos. Thus, what makes this round delicacy the sweetest obsession for all is its versatility and a whole lot of healthy ingredients. In fact, Laddoo can be prepared in more than thirty ways using a variety of basic ingredient like besan, boondi, coconut and so forth.

Have a look at few of the very popular or rather most savored Laddoo of all.

#1 Motichoor Laddoo

The reason Motichoor Laddoo is one of the top of this list is the magnificently sweet taste and soft texture. Pure and bright orange colored, round-shaped Laddoos, they are relished on most festivities after offering it to the Gods and Goddesses. Made from the gram flour, it has other vital ingredients like sugar, ghee, soda, dry fruits and some saffron strands for garnishing. Binding perfect round shaped Laddoo by hand is possible only after the batter is made consistent.

#2 Coconut Laddoo

One of the most common sweet delicacies savored by people for its authentic taste and health benefits. With only two basic ingredients needed, finely grated coconut mash and milk, it is easiest Ladoo to prepared. Simmer the milk until it’s is thick and boiled to a half amount and then mix up the coconut mash with sugar. It can be also be prepared with condensed milk.

#3 Malai Laddoo

Far different from all other forms of Laddoos, Malai Laddoos have a softer or spongy texture with extensive sweetness inside. It is looked upon as a royal type of dessert, used for treating guests being made with rich paneer and cream. Thus, both the ingredients being pure by-products of milk, these Laddoos carry a milky aroma, and are extremely fulfilling to the stomach when eaten more than one.

#4 Boondi Laddoo

This comes as a bright yellow colored sweet delight made from pure ghee, whose aroma prevails the time you gorge a bite of it. Boodi laddoo is also made in the similar way Motichoor laddoos are prepared with basic ingredients, gram flour, sugar, and soda. Sometimes, to enrich its sweetness and flavor, almonds, cashews, raisins, saffron and cardamom are also added. Loaded with flour, ghee and healthy nuts, it’s super nutritious and appetizing item for your sweet tooth.

By now, you have understood what’s so special about the Laddoos and what makes people keep it on the first of the preference list for sweets. While these are the most common and demanded varieties of the round delights, other types include Besan Ka Laddoo, Til Laddoo, Atta Laddoo, Rava Laddoo, and Chocolate Laddoo.